Saturday, 25 July 2009

Healing Heroic Halls of Stone

Kam had just the Halls of Stone left to complete for his Northrend Dungeon Hero achievement, significant not for the 20 points but because then I would have seen all the 5 man instances in Wrath. Luckily I got into a group consisting of mad fire mage, warlock, paladin tank and warrior tank/dps. So who was healing then?

Yes, it was me. Putting his Enhancement gear aside, Kam switched to healing spec and equipped his collection of crusty resto gear, ranging in power from Drape of the Offering Branch from Sholazar Basin to Steamcaller's Totem from FL 25. I really ought to do something about that cloak. The trash was fine, but how did those bosses go?

A giant stone guy who does a knockback then stun much like Gruul. This was done messily - the knockback interrupts healing and the stun is also a pain, I kept ES and riptide on the tank, but the group were spread out to avoid the stun damage, so CH was useless. We eventually DPSed through the annoying stuns using Bloodlust, and I managed to keep everyone up.

Maiden of Grief
Good grief this was hard! She stuns the party for 10 seconds often, the trick is to step into a void circle just before so you get broken out. My PvP trinket worked the first time to break the stun, however I sometimes managed to fail to get into the void circles in time and got stunned for 10 seconds, during which the tank died. Eventually we sort-of got this right although a few people died. Messy.

The Tribunal of Ages
A crazy survival encounter during which the group are rushed by increasingly large waves of adds. The Healing Stream totem was nice to mitigate the random party-wide damage here. When the encounter cranked to 11, we were quickly swamped and I was killed. Luckily with 2 tanks we managed to hold the adds for long enough for Brahn to activate the lightning switch and kill them all... we were dead, but ran back while he was doing his interview. Messy.

Sjonnir the Ironshaper
Some sort of tank and spank but with adds and a nasty lightning shield buff which should be spellstolen. The fight was not bad but Sjonnir's damage was massive so the MT died fast, the OT took over and I kept him up till right near the end, when he took a 15k hit and died too. Luckily the DPS nuked Sjonnir and he died with the rest of us dead. Messy.

I think I might try Healbot, using Grid and pressing spells was a bit clicky. I also need far more practise at healing, which may be forthcoming in patch 3.2. I could do with getting that healing gear enchanted to!

Northrend Dungeon Hero and Master
The result was finally I've done all the Heroics at least once and a nice set of achievements spammed guild chat. Sadly gear-wise I am pretty much done in Heroics for enhancement, just a trinket would be nice such as Meteorite Whetstone, Incisor Fragment or Sphere of Red Dragon's Blood. However, I've recently spotted Mark of Supremacy on the PTR and ... wow, for 25 Emblems of Triumph we get 128 hit rating and 1024 AP for 20 seconds? Pretty sweet. Roll on 3.2!


Skraps said...

All that matters is the bosses all died!

The Krystal boss is actually quite easy. The first time I healed him, the DPS could not figure out the whole "Spread Out" concept and died on his first or second shatter. Then the tank and I were all that was left. It worked out. I kept the tank alive, and he DPS'd the boss. There is no enrage timer so the tank just kept pounding on him till he was dead. Strategic potion use/mana tide was all that was needed to make it through.

Now of course because the DPS were such tards we couldn't kill any other boss that day, as Krystal may be the only 2 manable heroic boss in all WoW.

Daranador said...

Well, the mage really should have spell-stolen that lightning shield every time it was up, but if you don't have a mage in your party, shammies can also purge it just as well. I know as my group's resident resto shammy, I'm required to keep Sjonnir on Focus and purge regularly. Funfunfun!

Anonymous said...

Try using clique along with grid for the healing. Works like a charm.

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