Friday, 10 July 2009

Watch this, Emalon!

The original plan was to try Malygos, but last night Horde owned Wintergrasp, so the Elder Brethren raid first headed to the Vaults of Archavon to have a crack at Emalon. I've already documented my attempts at Emalon in 25 man, but this time we were 10 and apparently the fight is a little easier.

An additional tip for melee I picked up last night is to use DBM to find out when there is 5 seconds to an Overcharge - get running across to the adds at 5 seconds, so when you arrive one of them is just beginning to overcharge. This helps immensely with killing the add before 10 stacks, although not so much with Emalon's enrage timer. Of course despite loading the Battlegrounds mod and having all the options ticked for Emalon, my DBM didn't show me any timers, so someone else shouted out when we had 5 seconds.

After a few attempts, Emalon did the decent thing and died. After a brief but deadly dance with Archavon, the raid headed over to Malygos. Kam had some Judgement at the Eye of Eternity to put down, and a nice necklace to collect. I won't say anything further about the matter, apart from...

I'll get you time, Big Blue!


Skraps said...

That Mally achievement should be real. When my guild was doing Mally every week, the guild just expected to not have me for phase 3. Everything from getting blasted before the raid even got mounted, to my mount just not showing up and me falling to my death has happened. Even though I have been present for several Mally kills, I have never actually lived through the fight.

B-Rab said...

At least it is safe to say that Emalon pugs have gotten quite a bit better for the most part since 3.1's release. As for Malygos, well good luck, no one likes that fight. All the fights that put my on a silly mount or something rather than playing my character I find very annoying.

On a side note, teach me how to play enhance, lol, I have a bunch of t8 and some sweet weapons but too much is going on for me. I like resto/ele a lot better, but maybe thats just cause thats all I have ever done.

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