Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Heroic Flame Leviathan normal mode is easy mode

Is Flame Leviathan the new Upper Blackrock Spire? Recently the Elder Brethren got bored, a raid was cancelled so six crazyintrepid people decided to try Flame Leviathan. On Heroic 25 man mode.

Their strategy was simple: use 3 demolishers with 3 passengers. Before the fight, shoot down loads of pyrite. At the start of the fight use 2 of those passengers in 2 more demolishers and unload 10 pyrite onto FL, then swap to the passenger seat and then into their chosen demolisher to passenger for the rest. The driver keeps pyrite stacks up to 10 while the passenger shoots down and grabs pyrite, using speed boost when followed.

Apparently these brave individuals actually succeeded too, leading to FL becoming the new place to kick back and relax, much like UBRS was back in the day. Any class balance whatsoever goes, which makes arranging a run a matter of getting a number of bodies.

Last night a mass attack on FL in 25 man Ulduar went down, anyone was welcome, alts or mains. We got 12 people, so grabbed 5 demolishers and a siege engine, putting the high iLevel-geared mains as drivers. We shot down lots of pyrite before engaging, then proceeded to roll in and just kept stacks of pyrite rolling on FL. Before we knew it, he was dead and Kam receives the Heroic: Shutout achievement. The guild also received our first Fragment of Val'anyr which was very exciting for the healers, plus a useful Runed Orb and some epics people could use.

I suspect in future if there is no raid on, a mixture of alts and mains will be heading to Ulduar 25 to try their hand at demolishing Flame Leviathan, grabbing a Runed Orb and some easy epics. It is also a whole load of fun!

Picture stolen from courtesy of Salash, Aszune EU.


B-Rab said...
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B-Rab said...

Ha, this has become a norm for alts on nights when no one is online. We regularly do 4-man FL (for reg mode) and 10-man FL (for heroic mode). I think a couple weeks ago a random dk alt got a fragment because we didn't bring anyone who could use the mace.

Skraps said...

The thought of a dk getting a fragment makes me cry. I am so low in the priority of healers in my guild that it would require 4 complete maces before I get a fragment.

But we also have done fun runs of FL. It is amazing how simple the first fight in the raid that will destroy raids is.


bobturkey said...

Msut have been the night for it. we got a Fragment and a pattern and a Runed Orb from FL 25 last night. We also got Runed orbs from each of the next 3 bosses.


Rakhman said...

Our resto shaman worked out that if we did 1 FL kill per week, it would take an average of 300 weeks to collect all the fragments. 5+ years.

So the fragment is fun for our healers to keep in their bank basically :)

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