Sunday, 19 October 2008

Achievement-oriented task bloat

It is a good job the default UI won't track more than one achievement, otherwise my brain would overload attempting to coordinate my activities in WoW to achieve the maximum number of achievements!

Only yesterday Kam wandered up to Zangarmarsh to do the fishing daily. While he was there he spotted a pool of some fish he'd not fished from yet. Remembering there is a fishing achievement for fishing from different types of pool, out came the fishing rod and 1 fish later it was done. Now we can get the daily done.

Then Kam spotted some wreckage. Remembering there is an achievement for fishing from each different type of wreckage, out came the fishing rod. Maybe now we can do the daily.

Ah but what is that, a Bogflare Needler, which drops a rare Firefly pet to count toward the 50 pet achievement. After killing around 20 and no pet, Kam finally did the fishing quest - so he could get the achievement for doing all the fishing dailies!

Kam had of course checked the fishing daily in the hope it was the crocs one... for a chance for more pets. Shortly after fishing out of pools in Terrokar for the chance of a Mr Pinchy (both pet and fishing achievement)...

Aim: 1 fishing daily. Result: many distractions trying to complete achievements. Next time I won't read the achievements for the area...

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Herc said...

I guess so much for being efficient =P

I ran into the same delimna while going around Kalimdor ... oh my

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