Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Looking forward to dual specs

I'm quite excited by the recent mentions of dual talent specs made by Blizzard, more so because they promise some information at Blizzcon on Friday and Saturday. I feel a hybrid class should be able to embrace every aspect of their abilities and talents, doing damage when called for, healing when needed, tanking when they fancy it. I'm realistic that doing all of these at once would be unbalanced and result in most people rolling with the same class, but the ability to respec and go from a healer to a solid damage class is lovely. However the respec process uses precious time; travelling to a capital city in Azeroth, unlearning talents, then painstakingly selecting each talent point from a spec you may or may not have written down. I find a respec is best done with some advanced notice.

Last night there was a sudden gap in the upper Karazhan raid, a warlock had gotten the 'flu (surprising because they should just drain life till they feel better or take a health stone), so there was a DPS slot to fill. I had effectively no time at all to prepare; a summon was available but that was it. Kam is currently Resto, so is unable to fill a DPS slot, so I took my hunter along instead. The time it would take to respec would be time spent holding up the other 9 people on the raid, I wouldn't do it.

With the ability to switch talents from Resto to a pre-canned Elemental build, Kam could have logged on, be summoned, switched spec, geared up and be ready to rock the Prince. In a montage with rock music, if you prefer. I know I do.

The benefits for healing classes if they could solo and quest using their DPS spec is also very high. So I will be keeping a keen eye on any announcements from Blizzcon regarding plans for easier talent spec switching. It's very exciting.

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