Sunday, 5 October 2008

They made me heal middle Karazhan!

What a bunch of ... anyway due to there only being 2 healers signed, Kam was set up to be healer for more Karazhan chaos. Under strict instructions not to skip Aran for Chess, we went into see Medivh's father.

  • The Shade of Aran. The trash between the Menagerie and Aran's room hit really hard, particularly the Arcane Protectors, so much so that Kam was spamming lesser healing wave onto the tank and using his entire mana pool for each pull. I was totally not expecting that and got caught out on the first pull. Dead tank oops.

    The Aran fight itself was chaos; whoever was targeted by arcane missiles would take damage so quickly that only a lesser healing wave could save them. Often I would try to use a chain heal, but the cast time seemed too slow. After both us healers died, the time came for the DPS to step up and kill the old codger. Which they duly did.
  • Chess. Without specific instructions not to do Chess, we did. Healing was erm... someone else took control of the healing piece so I had to DPS. The chest contained a nice pair of leggings which are a great upgrade over the PvP healing legs.

Rant on.
During all of the trash pulls and probably boss fights, the rogue would insist on standing right in front of the mob, swinging away at its face. Now enough people have already posted that this is a really bad thing, honestly everyone knows rogues do it from behind. Not only does standing in front affect your personal DPS, but the resulting parries make the mob hit faster. Hit the tank faster. The tank who I am trying to keep alive. So please for the sake of the Earthmother, DPS behind the mob.
Rant off.

Perhaps I've discovered why the tank was taking so much damage from Arcane Protectors?


Goeben said...

Spamming LHW is ususally a bad idea -- mana efficiency is horrible and your HPS suffers too. Yes CH and HW take longer to cast, but you absolutely must use them as much as possible. That means you need to anticipate heals and start casting earlier, even if you end up occasionally cancelling a heal or overhealing.

I was in the same boat as you when I first tried to heal heroics/Karazhan. In my opinion, the easiest way to learn to anticipate heals is with Chain Heal -- the reason is that even if you end up overhealing your main target, the splash heals may still do some good. Cast it early and often, before you think you really need to. For a shammy, 30% overheal with CH spam is far preferable to barely making it with LHW spam.

Crashandburn said...

Tis a problem when melee dps start instancing especially when having leveled to 70 mostly solo.

Also chances are that as a combat sword rogue they'd never been aware of positional requirements of something like Backstab or Mutilate which actively encourage you to be behind the mob.

Well done on healing Aran though, having seen all the damage that happens in that fight, keeping everyone up must be a nightmare.

Rakhman said...

Thanks for the advice goeben, I'll be sure to try it out and not be so worried about overhealing next time I am in Kara.

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