Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Did the horseman leave his melee ring in his tomb?

Another night, another run into the SM Graveyard in the hopes of getting a Sinister Squashling. Our group this time was a feral druid tank, rogue, another rogue and a protection paladin in DPS gear. As a sign of how non tricky this encounter is, all Kam needed to do was to put earth shield (not improved) onto the druid tank and drop the occasional riptide. Without a healing stream totem down - I suspect with one down Kam could have read the gravestones or maybe popped off into the SM library to read some books while the fight was going on.

On the first kill, the Squashling dropped, won by one of the rogues with a roll of 99! I rolled anyway but had little hope of besting 99, and sure enough I didn't. The rest of the time the Signet Ring and Witches Band dropped. Have they removed the melee ring? 13 kills and no sign of it at all.

Not to mention the Hallowed Helm which is the other item for the Hallows End achievement. I've never seen that drop. The Random Number Generator can be a cruel mistress sometimes.

Image courtesy of David Besa.

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Crashandburn said...

I remember last year when farming for the melee ring it seemed to drop a lot less than the caster rings.

In fact I think I had the squashling before I got the ring...

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