Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Goodbye WoW 2.0

It's with mixed emotions I install patch 3.0.2 this morning. WoW 2.0 was much like an old, faithful maggot; I knew my classes well, knew what they could do and what to expect from them. I knew how 2.0 worked, how the economy functioned, how the professions did their things. I knew about spell down ranking, the dear Windwall Totem, Grace of Air Totem, all of you. In WoW 2 I stepped into my first raid, Karazhan, and killed the mighty Prince. We entered the lair of Gruul and saw him fall. The hybrids paid their penalty for being so flexible by suffering less DPS, or so was claimed. The hour of the druid was nigh, ferals turned into viable tanks and had massive health and armour. Shaman well, got earth shield and I discovered they could heal 5 mans and raids.

Now all that is past, swept away by the winds of change. Today a new dawn broke across Azeroth, everything has changed. I just hope my Feats of Strength achievements have been recorded correctly!

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