Thursday, 9 October 2008

I shall call him Muckbreath and he shall be my Muckbreath

The fishing daily yesterday was Crocolisks in the City. Kam's reward: a fillet knife, Elixir of Water Walking (really useful for a Shaman, thanks for that Old Man Barlo) and most awesome of all Kam's very own Muckbreath's Bucket containing one little cute Muckbreath!

Fishing rocks.


Cynra said...

Huzzah an' happiness! I've been contemplating trying to get one of the fishing pets, but then it would require leveling my fishing and I loathe fishing!

Rakhman said...

Apparently to do just the crocs quest, you don't need any particular fishing skill. I think the minimum to fish in Orgrimmar is 1, so you could just train fishing up, get a pole and just do the crocs quest when it is available.

That's what I do, apart from the fishing skill part for which I have the saddening level of 375. /flex (I think).

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