Friday, 27 February 2009

6th Screenshot of the 6th Folder

I have been tagged by The Game Dame for this 6th screenshot in the 6th folder meme. Now I don't have sub folders in my blog directory and all the blog images are cropped and posted up here anyway, so WoW screenshots it is. Ah my WoW Screenshots folder, just a whole heap of files from when I thought to press Print Screen. The 6th screenshot by date is some tga.jpg file from January 2006, back when WoW saved TGA files which no one could read. So I had to convert them.

This is a screenshot of my Alliance druid back when I played Alliance, chilling in Darnassus. He is level 60, although the screenshot doesn't show it, so you'll have to take my word for it. A feral druid no less, when there just weren't any ferals (gotta have Innervate).

Witness! The stock UI, only MonkeyQuest, CTMod, CTRA and Gatherer seem to be installed (and some clock mod). See! The amazing pile of Silithus quests - I think having looked at the "uber epic" rewards available for the AQ quests in Silithus, I had the misguided plan that I, too, could grind up to Cenarion Circle Exalted, then easily get these token things to hand in for some Epics! In those days, epics really were... rare.

Here we can see the hording I am sadly compelled to do. Notice the Moist Towelette on my task bar, the 67 Crystal Wards I had collected in Ungoro. I'd hardly used them, been keeping them around for many levels, in case they were useful in the future. This is why my current bank is full of old Karazhan gear!

Now the mystery - why is one of my guild members selected? In our guild, we had a minimum level to attend the 10 man raids of Stratholme etc, this being back when you could 10 man Strat and 15 man UBRS. Of course most got to 60 anyway. The minimum level was 56, and being the slack druid he was, the Llamagodd got to level 56 and pretty much stayed there for several months. So imagine my surprise when I logged in one morning to discover he had dinged! I felt this moment was so important I had to take a screen shot as everlasting proof. In fact, the screen shot following this one has Deycam saying "omfg", so amazing was this. Llamagodd was since rerolled as the mighty Bullysbonus, or "Druid B" as I sometimes refer to him, and has continued his unique ways on the Horde side.

Not much else to say really - the guild did Onyxia and MC... I never did!

Now in the tradition of this meme, I shall tag 6 others to dig around in their screenshot folder:

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