Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Further problems achieving

So Brother Keltan needs to be mistletoed for Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho's. The only complication is that he is on an Airship in a high level zone.

Thus far four ways have presented themselves. One is to be level 77 and have cold weather, and just fly onto the airship. The second is to pick up Preparations for War from Dalaran, which takes you to the airship, although it requires ... level 77.

The third is to follow the Wowhead comments on the achievement which involves dying on a ledge in icecrown where the airship passes, so you can res on the ship. Reportedly done at level 72.

The last method is to follow the Wowhead comments on Brother Keltan and use an Underbelly Elixir to turn into a wasp, then fly out of the sewer through the Dalaran exit and head for Icecrown. Again this can be done at any level.

Which one will Kam try? He is just level 76 so I could potentially get him to 77 before the end of Winter Veil. Or we could try one of the other, more cunning suggestions... they sound like fun.


Rakhman said...

Well I tried the sewer elixir idea, but I turned back into a Tauren shortly after leaving the sewers, plummeting to my death. Next up is probably the res-on-the-ship idea.

valkyrierisen said...

Hmm.. Alliance version is ezmode. That sucks for you. :(

Anonymous said...

Have a warlock summon you that in your guild. Make it a guild event for all the lazy scrubs /cough

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