Sunday, 15 February 2009

Awesome sauce

After days and days of logging in semi-hourly, finally Kam has his own Perma-Peddle. I'm so happy I can stop trying to log in all hours of the day, now that my obsessive drive for pets has been satisfied. I think in total I must have opened around 20 Pledges of Adoration.

For the Love, for the Horde, the grind is over... until Children's Week!


Crashandburn said...

Gratz. I also managed to get one of these little fellas whilst endlessly grinding pledges of adoration. Interestingly I had this before a bag of candies dropped for the meta-achievement.

Both are mine now though and holiday madness can rest until Children's Week.

Anonymous said...

Sigh, why is it that random generators never favour me? i was grinding for the pet for days on end and it didnt drop. Fuck this game makes me angry sometimes >.<

Anonymous said...

eh, i pay too much money to let the game really frustrate me, but i know where anonymous is coming from. when you said that it took you around 20 adorations (congrats by the way!) i was like, "that was all eh?"

i know how you feel logging in every now and then, and at odd hours just to get in another adoration in hopes of your very own perma-peddle. alas, eleazor the love fool will have to do without! maybe next year!

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