Monday, 23 February 2009

A vexing dilemma - tanks for the confusion

Currently in our guild we have a load of healers. Well, around 5-6 healers who play every night and so are always around for runs, raids, etc. Contrast this with our tanks - currently we have 1 tank who is a main character and who seems to play most nights, then 2 or 3 who are mains but play 3-4 nights, then 1 or 2 who play irregularly.

Consequently we are always looking for tankage for any in-guild runs which may happen, and indeed because the main tanks don't play every night, some raid nights are starting to look like being permanently cancelled. On a raid night, the tanks who are online are generally in the raid, so instance runs are very hard to get going.

So, although I am the slowest leveller in the "plays regularly but 2 nights a week" bracket, I find myself once again considering whether to level a tank-type character up to 80 so I can actually get some instancing going. It's all very well complaining about the lack of role X or Y when you want to do something, but my thoughts always tend that I should do something about it - thus taking up healing toward the end of TBC. Being DPS is all very well, but it is very rarely the role which we have a shortage of (although recently actually we've cancelled raids due to lack of DPS which is like... lolwut, you are fecking kidding me right?).

The only issue is, I have a level 56 Death Knight, but I don't get on with the play style at all. Still, it's a long stretch from 56 to 80. I have a level 32 warrior which is fun, but the gearing up process looks pretty appalling, and it's even longer to 80. Paladin, well, mine was level 1 until I deleted it. Druid - I have a level 50 druid who is my DEer. I played a druid to 60 on Alliance before TBC and even crap-tanked some instances (before druids could tank and we had a clue about the tank-healer-dps thing). Plus we have lost one of our two regular druid tanks. Also I need to level him to 60 anyway before the next expansion (for enchanting 450). However it's still a long stretch to 80.

At this point I'm in a dilemma. I could start on the path of levelling an alt from 50 to 80 in the slow-ass manner I am good at. Or I could grind endless rep, get the healing set finished and wait for dual specs to hit. Sigh.


Daranador said...

As a confirmed altaholic, I vote to level that alt from 50 to 80. If you've gotten it to 50, chances are you're fairly invested in the character already, yeah? (Personally, I can't stand playing a druid for some reason I've never been able to put a finger on.) So yeah, I say try getting the druid to 80 and see how you like it. Try different quests or zones as you move up to see things you might have missed before, maybe? As someone who's currently leveling a healer "because my guild needs me to" I say the important thing is to keep it fun.

Eleazor said...

well, i definately am empathetic to your situation. the funny thing is, i think people who play shamans just have the personality to say "hey, what does the group need?", so we end up leveling the alt, or respecing to heal or w/e. for this, i leveled my DK. he is 4 bars from 80 and i have really enjoyed it. i will say it was a bit tedious until about lvl 58/60 then the world of DK goodness opens up.

you finally start getting a lot of different abilities and you have all your talent points so the ways to play are endless. i have in game people telling me how DKs can't tank, but i have read enough about it and done enough preliminary tanking to see that they can easily tank -- if you understand what you're doing (which just takes time).

the best part for me is that there were enough quests in northrend (given that you run an occasional instance) to level in completely different zones -- or atleast only 1-2 of the same.

so i would say give the DK about 3-4 more levels and if you still don't get it, hey, droods are apparently greater than all, so...

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