Thursday, 5 February 2009

Gearing up for some resto dual-spec action

Slowly and not surely the healing gear is starting to trickle in. A few nights ago Kam got the Facade Shield of Glyphs from Heroic Azjol-Nerub, which beats his old level 70 shield into the ground (baby). A lot of crit heavy spell damage gear has come Kam's way recently, the Legguards of Nature's Power from Culling of Stratholme (fantastic instance) was a particular highlight.

It used to be that resto needed MP5, Int and some more MP5, but now I'm reading that some crit and haste is beneficial, so Kam is collecting resto and elemental gear equally. Luckily, there are only three active shamans in the guild at the moment, so most mail spell power drops are going spare.

I would advise anyone of any class to get glyphs for your second spec right now. Many of the gold-making blogs are advising glyph sellers to stock up for the inevitable boom in demand when dual-specs appear, because a lot of people won't plan for it and will go off to the AH to buy their glyphs on patch day. This will inevitably mean that the prices will be very high as inscribers attempt to make a killing on the high demand.

I'm planning on getting Glyph of Chain Heal, Glyph of Lesser Healing Wave, Glyph of Water Mastery, Glyph of Water Shield, plus Glyph of Water Walking for fun. Kam already has Water Shield, but as I understand it, the second spec will start with an empty glyph tab.


Eleazor said...

a whole new glyph tab for second spec? that would be amazing as well. where did you hear this from!?

Rakhman said...

Eleazor I've been reading the Ghostcrawler posts about 2nd spec mostly, and I recall reading about it. Here is one example where they are saying we get a different Glyph sheet for the 2nd spec.

The blue poster goes as far as saying So now I have to be sure that my Auction House char is filled with an excess of popular glyphs ready to post for when the new system arrives. *rubs hands together*.

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