Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Epic drops and BoE! Upgrades for Enhancement Shamans

Is this some sort of crazy dream, where you can get top quality raid epics for merely large sums of gold? No, not really. As a consequence of Blizzard's generous policy in letting raiding guilds make some gold on the side, several items in Naxxramas 10 and 25 are in fact Bind on Equip. These are fairly solid and in fact pretty damn good items, you wouldn't be ashamed to wear to a heroic pug, AND they make your bum look small too*.

Come with me to our local Auction House and we can see how they look on you... In the Naxxramas 25 selection we have the lovely Slime Stream Bands, decked out in hit rating, crit, AP and with a lovely socket you can use to accessorize. I myself would be looking for a hit rating gem in these bad muthas, and they would be a very good upgrade over Kam's current Eaglebane bracers. Wowhead advises us the price of these may be 2100 gold, I've seen them on Aszune for 3600 bid 3800 buy out.

The other item you may be interested in is the aptly-named Torn Web Wrapping. Hit rating, crit, attack power. Definitely recommended with a Belt Buckle to complete the look, again I will be adding a hit rating gem. Beats Kam's Belt of Tasseled Lanterns AND you won't be jangling as you carry lanterns around. Lanterns are sooo level 70. Wowhead tells us this belt goes for 5000 gold, however I spotted one on Aszune for a lot less and snapped it up. Snap snap snap!.

If you like your raids warm and cosy, and who doesn't, lets consider the Naxxramas 10 collection. The designer of this line was a little lazy and actually only added one piece, the Rusted-Link Spiked Gauntlets. Hit... crit... attack power... a socket for the bling. Kam got these as a drop, Wowhead says a steal at 1500 gold.

For the full, extended collection for other classes and/or specs, see the Naxxramas 10 collection catalogue and the Naxxramas 25 selection.

Finally it's worth mentioning that you may come upon the Armguard of the Tower Archer, a Bind on Equip item sold for 60 Emblems of Valor, from 25 man raids. At 2000 gold, these are also worth considering. For the full selection of Emblem BoE loot see Emblem of Valor BoE items. Sadly us Heroic types are left out in the cold - there are no BoE items for Emblems of Heroism.

Be advised several spectators reckon that when Ulduar is added in patch 3.1, the prices on these items should drop, because they will no longer be quite so awesome.

* Unless you are Tauren, we have big butts and I cannot lie.

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Delicious Ham said...

Well excited about hitting naxx for this gear. Even more excited about the T8 stuff!

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