Friday, 13 February 2009

Hail to the Chef

Ok, so after saying that Kam wouldn't get his Chef title, I managed to cook up a load of Snapper Extreme which pushed him to cooking 450. Then after doing a few quests in Nesingwary's Camp, Some Make Lemonade, Some Make Liquor became available, which ended with The Taste Test. One visit to a washed up mage in the Dalaran sewers later and Kam had the recipe for Kungaloosh.

Then all that was needed was to do the Dalaran cooking daily again, and again... and again. Kam had 72 Dalaran Cooking awards in total once he had learnt and cooked all the recipes for The Northrend Gourmet. Overall the Chef achievement was a reasonable one, not relying on the Random Number Generator, but just pure persistence.

What next? Chef de Cuisine and 100 Dalaran Cooking Awards remain in the cooking category. The mod Ackis Recipe List will help show which cooking recipes Kam is missing, and the 100 awards will come in time. I think I might actually go and do some quests in Zul'Drak instead. For Argent Crusade reputation of course ;)

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