Saturday, 2 August 2008

DPSing The Black Morass

Because our raid leader has dictated that we must be Karazhan keyed in order to raid, I have been on the key chain for a month or so. Having got key fragments 2 and 3, wednesday was the big push to get through The Black Morass and get the Master's Key. Unfortunately we had a Resto Druid along for the keying, so I strapped on my rusty Elemental DPS gear and tried to keep up with the Hunter and Mage, while Medrare tanked.

I've seen Elemental Shaman do this thing before, so a quick rewrite of my totem macro later, I'm running Wrath Of Air, Strength Of Earth and Mana Spring Totem, for the spell damage, extra mana and, erm, well the Earth totem school is somewhat underwhelming so extra strength for the druid. Occasionally Tremor Totem for the fearing adds. From what I've read on Elitist Jerks, Lightning Bolt spam with a Chain Lightning thrown in when its off cooldown is the way to go, so that was my spell rotation. Finally, because we were not crowd controlling anything, I liberally sprinkled the swamp with some Searing Totems.

The result was indeed a dead Black Morass, Medivh was saved and ... the Orcs invaded enabling them to raze much of Azeroth. Although apparently this causes the unification of the humans into the Alliance, enabling Azeroth to withstand the Burning Legion invasion. So that's ok then. In a strangely Brannon-Bragga-esque twist, I gave Khadgar's key to Medivh who kept it to give to Khadgar in the future, whereas I was given Medivh's personal key.

Unfortunately a Resto Shaman masquerading as an Enhancement Shaman with some reasonable gear did less damage than the tank. Oops. Oh well, now Kam is keyed for Karazhan and can get started healing in some of the lower (and easier) parts.

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