Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Farming honor for Wrath?

So as I was lurking in Alterac Valley, my favourite battleground, farming for the Olympic pet, I realised I was earning honor points despite having no actual spending aim. That got me to thinking; these honor points will be around come Wrath and eventually when I hit 80 I should be able to spend them on some "free" epics. A shaman in our guild recently ground battlegrounds incessantly and collected almost 60,000 honor to spend on resto PvP gear.

This then got me to thinking, should I be farming honor points now so that when I hit 80 I can spend them all on epic honor items? I'm assuming here there will be some epic honor items to spend on, but I don't know how much or little an honor point will be worth. I also don't know how much the new level 80 items will cost.

Looking at the current game, the cost for the level 60 PvP epic chest is 13,770 honor, the cost for the level 70 PvP rare chest is 13,219 honor, and the level 70 PvP season 2 chest is 14,500 honor. So that's very little difference between a level 60 and level 70 item. However I won't predict anything about the future based purely on the cost now, so it may well be that there will be honor inflation in the expansion, and any honor gained now will be eroded in value. Still, it's an interesting idea.


Rarespawn! said...

As a warlock, while I'm trying to save SOME honour for 80, I find myself more spending it on S2. The sad part is, I'm buying it for cosmetic reasons... it's just so damn badass-looking. It's not even enchanted or gemmed, I just enjoy running around Shatt in it. /guilt

Also, if you're busy like I am a lot of the time, the nice thing about PvP is that it doesn't require sitting down for hours at a time unless you're trying to be hardcore. In that respect, that honour can just be a side bonus. :D

Rakhman said...

Ok so this won't work, Blizzard just said they are resetting honour points for Wrath:


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