Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Pew Pew LB McGrew, Chess Prince Illhoof

Or the One where Kam goes Elemental in Karazhan

I got into Karazhan last night as ranged DPS, so off to the trainer I went to respec. Why DPS? As BigRedKitty mentioned in the past, a DPSer does not need a minimum level of gear in order to enter Karazhan - you have 5 other DPS buddies to help out, whereas a tank or healer definitely does need a certain level of tankage or healing in order to not die horribly. Although my healing gear is probably good enough for entry level Kara (and I do intend to try it out one day), I don't think its up to bosses like Aran or Prince. So DPS it is.

Because I have just so much to say about the experience, I'll be splitting it across several posts, coming soon. Including loots, personal lessons, spec discussion, gear, etc. So, erm, stay posted.

Image by Axel Rouvin courtesy of Wikimedia.

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