Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Most Outrageous Guild Applications

This is a Blog Azeroth shared topic suggested by Cathmor. Well ok maybe these apps are not outrageous but amusing. Here are a couple of the strangest ones we've had in the sleepy world of our little guild.

My pet is revolting

This first application appeared shortly after we did a run with another guild where a Ravager pet managed to out DPS one of their rogues.

Application Fluffykins - class ravager - melee dps

Can't see a pro forma to fill out so a little info about myself. I have limited experience raiding Karazhan, SSC and wiped on Tempest Keep. I am 1 month old and accept I need to work on my stamina. Happy to respec as needed.

I believe I can adequately compete with rogue dps based on my raiding experience.

Would love to join in my own right instead of my hunter master taking all the credit for my dps. Happy to accompany you on heroics as a trial member if that is as you wish. Unfortunately due to Blizzard's oversight for my class I am unable to earn my own rep for factions, but as a side effect do not seem to suffer from not being keyed for instances, so I guess there are some good aspects to it.

Hope to here from you in game, Your sincerely, Fluffykins

Hiding in the system

This application came from someone who wanted to remain as anonymous as they could:

KEYS: (Heroic keys/Kara)none on this char (yet) lol

Personal info:

IS THIS YOUR MAIN?:No this isn't my main. I would rather not mention my mains at the moment in case <main guild> have spies checking on applications to other guilds, but if you wish to know who they are, you could whisper me or ask <members name removed>, who incidentally I have been levelling my pally with his pally.

However both our guild and <main guild> are using Guild Portal, so when he posted using his guild portal account, GP helpfully put a link on the post to see his account details. Which lists all of his characters. In all guilds. It didn't take too long to figure out who his mains were. Let's hope <main guild> don't have spies checking.

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Autumnn said...

I love the hunter pet one!

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