Friday, 26 September 2008

Back to Resto

Due to a combination of suspecting Brewfest PUGs might need a healer and switching my raiding night to the early Karazhan night, Kam found himself hanging outside Thrall's throne room, respeccing back to Resto. He is once again 8/0/53 because it worked so well last time.

Now armed with a couple of tasty raid epics no one else wanted, Kam's healing is over 1200 with 150+ mp5. Hopefully I can get in on an entry level Karazhan raid soon to try out some raid healing, as well as healing up some BRD bar action.

On the Brewfest front Kam now has 113 tokens so he is back on track to join the Brew of the Month club before Brewfest ends next friday night.

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