Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Goodbye green soloing weapon


Based on this evidence The Essence Focuser, previously a healing mace, now beats Kam's old green spell damage dagger on the PTR. Also notice that the enchant on the Focuser is +43 Spell Power. That used to be Major Healing with +81 healing and +27 damage. So does this now give the same healing but more spell damage? Very nice if it does.


Loratui said...

It will be interesting to see how the change effects healing and spell damage. The ease of item comparison and itemization should make gear selection easier. Looks like a good change.

Uptown Ruler said...

except that the essence focuser has like 227 +heal on it, seems like a loss to me, assuming that spell power will be the same thing as +heal in wolk?

or am i just confused?

Rakhman said...

I think Blizzard have said that spell power will make for more +healing, as it were, so the overall effect should be the same amount of healing, even though the numbers will look a lot smaller on the character sheet. That't what they've said, I guess we will only know when we try it out on the live realms.

Loratui said...

With the changes in spec coefficients and how classes are getting their stats (hunters getting AP from Int now is one example) I imagine healer classes will see a similar change in stat mechanics, at least one would hope so with the numbers changing that much.

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