Thursday, 18 September 2008

We can haz moderate to light drama

The Casual Raid Leader has alt loot issues. He isn't alone, in fact reading his post it's like he plays in our guild.

My guild has effectively done as much of the 10 man raids as it can; Karazhan is cleared and we've done the Bear and Eagle bosses in ZA. Interest in ZA dropped off because the rewards seem a bit rubbish, I mean 1 Badge of Justice for the bear boss, who is harder than Prince, come off it Blizzard!

One player appeared to be taking an endless succession of alts through Karazhan, each time grabbing mucho loot from long-suffering mains. This in itself wasn't a massive problem because we have no raid progression to get on with. However it is a little hard to master playing a class when you play so many others, and it was noticeable that each alt was a little less well-played than the one before. The conclusion was that the player was told they couldn’t take any more alts through and had to stick to their 3 main characters. Yes 3. They thus made a post on the forums saying they were only going to use these 3 toons for guild runs, although they wanted to progress their other toons, they would use PUGs and PvP to gear them. It wasn't really a narky post thus the light to moderate rating.

We are now making people nominate a “main” just for guild rank purposes. But in the expansion this will have to take on a different purpose if we decide to go for 10 man raid progression, where we will have to concentrate on busting up progressive content, do less farming of the instances on farm and giving loot priority to mains. I'm not sure how well this fits into the relaxed atmosphere of our guild either; back in the day we did UBRS in 10 man raids for fun and a lot of laughs it was too. Now we treat Karazhan in much the same way, having a laugh at Moroes' expense. Potential drama is brewing over this for sure.

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