Wednesday, 17 September 2008

What will I be doing...

... when the world ends? The current world that is, with a new shiny continent open to me. This is my somewhat late response to a Blog Azeroth shared topic from Dechion of Be Nameless/Dechion's Place.

I had previously thought I would be fiddling around with the new talents and spells, but it seems these will be upon me far earlier. Now my cunning plan is thus:

  • Get trained. Step off the zeppelin and go find the profession trainers straight away. Kam is at mining and skinning 375 and will need the next skill to 450 before he goes mining and skinning in the new areas. Otherwise he'll be wasting potential skill-ups. And I absolutely hate to waste a potential skill point, it makes me feel all sad inside.
  • Hit every node I see. With new maximum levels in all the professions, suffice to say there will be a great demand for raw materials. Which means great gold for those who will be gathering them. I'll be grabbing every mineral node and skinning every corpse I can lay my sticky large hooves on. Although I might send all the leather to my friendly neighbourhood leatherworker. Due to my generosity, and mebbe my inevitable need for hawt leatherworking goods.
  • Get questing. The actual day-to-day business will of course be some questing and a bit of instancing. I'm really hoping to find some big quest chains, and the promise of some Tauren lore is quite exciting.
  • Talent Spec. Hmm undecided really. Levelling as Resto might be more painful than some sort of self-surgery, however if the spell power changes prove to give reasonable damage, I might try it. I am really hoping that the rumoured twin-spec thing (whatever that turns out to be) will help so I can level as a DPS spec and then heal up some instances. If the guild proves to have a ton-load of healers all busting for a go, I might also have to instance as DPS.
  • Bank clearance. I might devote some time to clearing out the total clutter of mathom that is my bank, although I suspect I'll be too busy enjoying the new stuff to care.

Will this all come to pass, or is it just fantasy? Only 2 months will tell.

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