Saturday, 20 September 2008

Barbary on the PTR, Intoxication on live

Trolling around on the PTR Kam has been checking out a few things, none of which are directly Shaman related.

Barber shop

I'm still not sure what the big draw of this is; Kam could choose his horn style, colour and facial hair, much what he could do when he was created a few years ago. I guess if something has been bothering you it can now be changed. Plus there is an achievement for getting a hair trim!

Hide down ranks in the Spell book

The spell book has a handy new feature where all Kam's low rank spells can be hidden away, just showing the ones with the big booms. Quite useful if downranking is truly dead. Also it really helps to find obscure spells I suddenly need, I really hate paging through loads of low rank spells just to find the one I'm after.

Cool new icy login screen

Strangely enough, the login screen is now Wrath-style, with an icy theme. The music is also different, although it doesn't sound quite as rousing as the old Burning Crusade music did.

Brewfest starts today, so Kam will be hoping to hit the bar in Blackrock Depths to see if the latest holiday boss will be as easy as a Headless Loot PiƱata or as hard as an Iceberg.

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