Wednesday, 10 September 2008

An open letter to the Kirin Tor

Dear Sirs,

As a deputized agent of the Violet Eye, charged with keeping Karazhan free of the Burning Legion, I wish to complain about the lack of assistance rendered to myself and other agents by the Kirin Tor.

Despite the dangers, I and many others selflessly keep the tower clear of Demonic Presences, we continuously Assess the Situation and have retrieved several ancient artifacts, among them Keanna's Log. This we do because we believe in the great responsibility bestowed upon us to stop the Burning Legion.

There is however a growing dissatisfaction among my fellow agents over the lack of assistance given to us when we travel to Karazhan to bravely defend Azeroth. The remote location of Deadwind Pass discourages casual visits, the route from the Outlands is quite arduous, even though we must fight the Burning Legion in the Outlands.

Other factions are more willing to assist their agents; the Bronze Dragonflight have recently stationed a representative in the World's End Tavern, who will teleport those in good standing to the Caverns of Time. The Shattered Sun Offensive faction Maintain a Sunwell Portal in Shattrath city for quick travel to the Isle of Quel'Danas.

Your own Supreme Commander of the Alliance Expedition, Archmage Khadgar, has opened portals in Shattrath city to major cities. Perhaps he is not aware of The New Directive which sends many agents into the accursed tower time and time again, otherwise I feel sure he would open a portal to Deadwind Pass.

There are rumours that the Greatstaff of the Guardian Medivh, Atiesh, still survives and can be used to teleport a group of agents to Karazhan. However relying on rumour and supposed legend is folly.

Already interest in fighting the Burning Legion in Karazhan is waning, I urge you to act before the agents of the Violet Eye turn their attention to fighting other threats, and the Burning Legion renews its attacks while you stand powerless in the sidelines.



Image courtesy of Lainey Powell.

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