Friday, 19 September 2008

The non-combat pet interface

How be this Shaman related? Shaman be havin' non-combat pets, aye? Anyway on wi' 't...

This be th' new non-combat pet interface live from th' PTR. All them wee pet containers, belts, whatere, became an item which, when used, taught Kam the'r pet. Th' pet then appears in this wee area an' can be summoned. Th' neatest feature be that ye get a preview o' th' pet when 'tis selected. Ye can spin 't, be seein' its animations, 'tis very cute.

Th' tab also shows mounts which be learned in much th' same way, an' show up in th' "Mounts" sub-tab. I be hopin' I can then drag them onto me task bar fer a convenient way t' get mounted. I been checkin', I can!

Th' new pet interface be pretty cool, but th' bag space savin' be e'en better. Unfortunately at th' moment, when a pet be learnt th' item stays in yer inventory. Kam raises a suggestion t' remove spake item.

Ouch I need t' keep off th' Savoury Deviate Delights.

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Rakhman said...

Yarr I be seein' ye all down Booty Bay fer Pirates' Day!

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