Tuesday, 2 September 2008

I am becoming... Prepared! (updates)

In the endless quest to become prepared for some major world-changing event coming real soon now, I have been levelling my Druid enchanter to 50, which the sharp-eyed might have guessed from my comments on 4tehfite. This is because the minimum character level to raise tradeskill professions above 300 is level 50, so that's what I need to be able to disenchant most Northrend greenies.

I am levelling as feral and mostly cat; a lot of melee combat broken up with some self-heals and a bit of magic. Sound familiar? The experience has given me a taste for melee combat, so I am itching to try out the Enhancement spec on Kam, for soloing and, if I can hoodwink convince our Raid Leader, in some raiding action.

To get enchanting up ten levels, I also need vast amounts of Illusion Dust. From what I've read this is best obtained in level 60 old world instances... such as Blackrock Spire. How handy that I need to complete the Onyxia chain for Kam, and am crazy enough to try to solo it.

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