Monday, 24 November 2008

Being Prepared: Prequests for The Nexus

Next in the series is The Nexus, in ... the Nexus.

  • Quickening. First you need to do Secrets of the Ancients, available from Archmage Berinand in Coldarra. To get to Coldarra go to Borean Tundra, then to Amber Ledge, then get the flight to Coldarra.
  • Postponing the Inevitable. First you need to do Reading the Meters, again from Berinand.
  • Have They No Shame?. I just picked this up from Librarian Serrah, who stands in a tent near to Berinand.
  • Prisoner of War. A reasonable chain which starts with Puzzling..., which starts with a drop from Coldarra Spellbinders. I got mine on the first kill. The quest chain itself is pretty cool, so have your screenshot button ready!

The Nexus needs a few quests before you are totally ready to head on in there, but I managed to get the above all done in around an hour.

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