Friday, 21 November 2008

Did someone forget to sleep?

With the launch of Wrath, everyone has started levelling at 70 at the same time, so we've been able to observe some interesting phenomena. Beforehand, everyone was pretty much grinding this and that, and only a brief alt would level up here and there. Now we can see a direct comparison in play time, style and levelling speeds.

What we have in our guild is the following:

  • Hardcore leve11er. This type has been spotted on from around 8-9am and stays on until around 4am. They are streaking ahead at level 77, or their Death Knights are already passing mains. They are currently finding it hard to get a group for an instance run, due to the rest of the guild being so far behind. May have taken holiday to coincide with the Wrath launch and/or killed their girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse/family. You can bet they are on the second the servers come up from maintenance.
  • Working 9-5, levelling hard to make an 80. This type have a day job, or didn't book holiday, but that ain't going to stop them. Generally most in our guild are in this category, grouped together so able to run instances. They are mostly level 75-74 by now. A steely determination and a stuff around the house they can put off till they hit 80 characterises this set of levellers.
  • Questing from Home. This group can't generally play every evening due to family commitments, but they can work from home then spend some or all of that time in instances and questing. Most usually seen during the work day in some instance or another, they are mysteriously silent on IRC when at home, yet chat endlessly in IRC about WoW when at work. They are also liable to go AFK at a moment's notice in an instance, when the wife comes up to check on them, so beware if you are in a group with such people!
  • On not a lot. This sort, of which I am half a member (and I'll let you figure out which other group I belong to), plays some evenings but has severely restricted times due to other commitments, among them Heroes, Merlin, Sarah Connor Chronicles, DIY and child care. We lurk at the bottom of the guild, barely out of Howling Fjord and dinged merely 1 level.
  • Serial Altoholic. Lastly, they have a main who is keeping up with another set of levellers, but mysteriously have a level 71 Death Knight. Oh, and several other toons at levels between 70 and 73. A serial altoholic has been spotted, going round robin between all their alts to keep playing in rested XP, each making a little bit of progress but playing the same quests again and again. A high boredom threshold is probably required.

The lock at level 77 has dinged 78 since I started writing this. Sigh.

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drug said...

I'm about 80% to 79 right now but only working around 5 h a day at the moment and did a good bit of leveling last weekend. Nonetheless we have about fifteen 80's in our gild, many dinged last weekend already and are killing bosses in Naxx right now. I'm looking forward to raiding again, but I'm going to enjoy leveling up a twink at a super-casual pace some time in the future for sure.

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