Sunday, 16 November 2008

Wrath first impressions

My first impressions of Wrath are quite favourable. Kam is lurking around the Howling Fjord mainly because I thought a snowy landscape would be boring, so I avoided Tundra (I didn't really like Winterspring). Plus 15 turkeys have already died in 3 minutes.

The scenery is really quite nice, the lift up the side of the huge cliff on Vengeance Landing is quite spectacular and the area around Utguard Keep equally so. The quests are pretty neat - one involved recovering underwater items, which is no problem for a Shaman. Kam is tearing through mobs with his enhancement spec, but I am really hoping for dual specs so we can get some healing practise.

There are problems - one of the quests involving researching runes from dead giants seems to be bugged, so that you can't use the corpse and have to go kill another one. Given these are elite giants who will knock 7 bells out of you, this is quite annoying. If Kam dies at the North of Giant's Run (trying to kill elite giants), he ends up in the graveyard at Vengeance Landing, despite there being a GY in Giant's Run. This means having to run away from his corpse to catch the lift!

Busy is a good word to describe Aszune. The queues are up to 40 minutes long at peak times and the questing areas are predictably camped out. Clearly some are making progress because on Saturday at around 4pm Aszune had a level 80 mage or warlock (I forget which), a mere 2-3 days after Wrath launched.

All in all it is still fun, and quite nice to be able to quest in new areas again.

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Artorin said...

As far as the giants run quest it needs to be the runed giants not the regular ones. The runed will be aggresive as the others neutral. Only the runed will give the quest discovery. They also hit much harder then the regular ones.

On another note I just found this blog since I'm looking for information about shamans. I have 4 70's at the release of wrath but a few weeks ago my brother started playing so I have been leveling an elemental shaman with him. We are currently 49 almost 50.

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