Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Facepalm moments in teh Wrath

Challenged by BBB we are to recount moments of asshattery in Wrath. This doesn't have a twist however, its just badness. Anyway March of the Giants requires you to kill big hard elites, then use a mining pick on their corpses to remove their runes. Unfortunately, it seems the quest is bugged and WoW will say "invalid selection" when you try to use the pick.

That is, it seemed that the quest was bugged, until I noticed our group were being followed by several Alliance, who would be hanging around right underneath the giant when it fell. Finally we realised the corpses can be "deruned" by anyone at all, even those pests who hadn't killed it and were just hanging around. So watch out - ninjas are about on that quest, it's best to drag the corpses away and refuse to kill them if anyone else is lurking around.

I won't mention the other incident where a member of my own guild nicked a stone artifact from right under my nose, as I was fighting off the mob who was guarding it. Well apart from just then. He did apologise afterward tho.

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