Sunday, 2 November 2008

Fishing is 4 fun

What an eventful evening of fishing... and I never thought I'd see the works eventful and fishing in the same sentence.

Friday evening and nothing much to do - first up to fish up the Lurker Below. With the aid of the Halloween candy and the ghost costume it makes, Kam entered SSC and slow fell onto the water, walked across the water onto the Strange Pool. After some uneventful fishing, a giant water monster jumps out and one shots him! Score one crazy achievement.

A quick visit to Old Man Barlo reveals the daily is Crocolisks in the City, so off to Orgrimmar to fish. Catch 1 and who else but Old Crafty appears, less crafty now he is caught. Check another achievement. Back to Shattrath to hand in, and who is in the bag? Chuck! Another croc joins Muckbreath in Kam's inventory, and the Crocs quest is checked off and Kam has been Old Man Barlowned.

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Thomas said...

Not sure if that is a bug. My undead mage also fished old crafty in first catch having the Crocolisk daily quest, and I heard of other people experiencing the same. Seems old with the low droprate it was supposed to have.

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