Friday, 7 November 2008

You Stinker!

On his continuing quest to gain the 50 pet achievement, Kam had gotten to 49 out of 50, mainly with the help of Warcraft Pets. Next up was to try to get a Mechanical Chicken by completing all of the "Find OOX" quests. Except that it was around 2 years ago that Kam quested in Azeroth, and being a forgetful Tauren he had... not remembered which chickens he had rescued.

Following a Wowhead tip to ticket a GM, Kam was summoned by the awesome Rocking GM Wixibixe to a private meeting at Janeiro's Point. Wixibixe helpfully told Kam that yes, he was a slacker, and had only rescued OOX-22/FE. This was puzzling because Kam had taken apart Zul'Farrak the night before trying to get a beacon. However, those helpful Wowhead comments came to the rescue again, as it transpired Kam had gotten the beacon then failed the escort quest in Tanaris. So he couldn't get another beacon but could go back to the chicken and retry the escort.

Wixibixe was kind enough to teleport Kam to Tanaris, and then the hunt for OOX-17/TN began. And ended quickly due to the coordinates posted on Wowhead. Finally Kam found a use for Thunderstorm - confronted by 4 Wastewander bandits, Thunderstorm threw them back and killed 2 instantly, leaving the other 2 to run away in shock. A quick visit to the Hinterlands saw another robot chicken escorted to safety.

A visit to Booty Bay to hand in and finally the Mechanical Chicken was Kam's, the Shop Smart, Shop Pet...Smart achievement complete. Thank you Oglethorpe Obnoticus. Hearing of his obvious love for pets, Breanni was kind enough to mail Kam, asking him to look after Stinker, a task he gladly undertook. The little fellow is very cute, but hasn't exhibited the bad behaviour Kam was warned about. Suddenly Kam' lust for non combat pets has faded, although they are neat, I don't think we will be grinding for any rare ones. Well maybe just the one.


Anonymous said...

my friend has meet him at hakkar one time imo he was a real slacker used firework and was abusing hes power

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