Monday, 3 November 2008

Mods for achieving

It's no secret that the new achievements system has been a big hit with me, I've been scouring the length and breath of Azeroth to do some of these, and obsessively collecting non combat pets trying to get 50. Here are a few mods which help with the achieving.

Urban Achiever. This gives you a replacement achievement UI, with a search feature which is very very useful. I hate the clicky nature of the default UI, so being able to type in "rokk" to find Kickin' It Up a Notch is invaluable. The mod also tracks up to 5 achievements, rather than the 1 the default UI does, which proved very useful during Hallow's End when Kam was trying to hit all the candy buckets in WoW.

Over Achiever. This adds a tooltip when you hover a critter, saying if you have /loved it or not. Very useful. It tracks exploration achievements and automatically displays your progress in the zone you are in, which is again very useful if you are exploring. It does a ton load of other things including slash commands to search for achievements, although I prefer a search box.

Enhanced Achievements. This extends the achievement tooltip to show your progress on an achievement. So when you see an achievement spam, you can click to see if you have done it, when or how far through you are.

So there you go some useful mods for achievers. Anyone know of any more?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the achievements mods list! Trying to access WoW features or articles from work is a pain. You just saved me time that I can use on the game vs searching when I get back home. Enjoyed the other articles, but this one - YES!!

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