Saturday, 29 November 2008

Eh, Water Riding?

Cast walk on water, you can walk on water. Pretty cool, it makes travelling across water pretty fast.

But you can then mount up, and ride on water. It makes travelling across water very much faster.

Is this new? Or have I missed an awesome trick?


Anonymous said...

New as of 3.0!

Zigystardust said...

The patch notes only mentioned that shape shifting would no longer cancel water walking, and totally left out the mounting parts.

Skarrde said...

Yeah just found this out myself. I had read it was only in Ghostwolf form but then someone said you can do it while mounted. Was like cool and haven't looked back since. Especially with the glyph for making it free.

Ayeba said...

Nope, I noticed myself as well. It's great fun and very handy.

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