Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Slacking around Dalaran, jus' cookin'

Taking the advice of Kaliope's WoW Crafting Blog, Kam started on his cooking dailies as soon as he could. Using a "ghetto portal" to Dalaran, Kam hit the Horde bar and grabbed the quest from Awilo Lon'gomba. Unfortunately whenever I log in the first thing to do is check what the cooking daily is; Cheese for Glowergold is particularly easy, as it doesn't involve any cooking at all. This doesn't actually leave any time to do any real quests. Kam is now grinding on Snapper Extreme - the 40 hit rating buff will be very handy come raiding time, for someone or another.

Once I can track down a slippery level 74+ mage, I'll portal my level 70 hunter to Dalaran to participate in the daily cooking, thus doubling my Northern Spices earning power.

Other levelling-delaying activities included standing on the shores of the Borean Tundra for several hours over the weekend, fishing away. Partly following El's Extreme Anglin' guide to cooking and fishing in Northrend, Kam now has enough raw materials to cook Snapper Extreme ad infinitum. He just needs more Northern Spices is all. Now where was that level 74 mage...


goooooood girl said...

your blog is very fine......

Hagu said...

Mage? meh, get a lock to summon you there.

Actually, have someone in Dal group with you, sign up for bg in Dal, you enter/afk the bg and you pop out in Dal! No portal required.

Happy cooking!

Rakhman said...

I used the BG afk trick to get Kam to Dalaran. However, the battleground brackets are 61-70, 71-80. I'm not sure if you can be queued to a BG by a player in a different bracket to you.

So I would need a level 61-70 already in Dalaran, but we don't have any in our guild.

However, now the hunter is in Dalaran, he can get levels 61-70 there too using the BG trick.

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