Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Enhancement: Mace vs Dagger

Weighing in at 84.8 dps, in the green corner we have the Soldier's Spiked Mace. This 2.6 speed mace was rewarded to Kam for Cutting Off the Source and has done good service, despite being slightly rusty.

Weighing in at 106.6 dps, in the blue corner we have the Blade of Nadox. This 1.6 speed dagger dropped from Elder Nadox in Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom last night, and was taken to see if fast daggers with flametongue are an alternative to slow with windfury.

The dagger has the advantage in DPS, while the mace fights back with a slower speed. Let the fight commence!

Ok, well let the simulations begin anyway. The dagger with FT didn't feel any worse than the mace, but it didn't seem to feel any better either. As a learning exercise I grabbed EnhSim, fed Kam's stats and buffs in, then ran a combat simulation for 20,000 simulated hours with the dagger equipped to see what average DPS it thought would result. The attack rotation was the standard I use; Stormstrike, Earthshock, Lava Lash, repeat, using a full stack of Maelstrom Weapon whenever it is up to throw out a lightning bolt. I then swapped in the mace, changed the stats around and reran the simulation. The results were:

NameImbueAverage DPS
Blade of NadoxFlametongue844
Blade of NadoxWindfury788
Soldier's Spiked MaceWindfury856
Soldier's Spiked MaceFlametongue869

So yeah, the dagger despite being having higher DPS and being a blue item, is not as good as Kam's trusty 2.6 speed green mace in the simulation, which confirms my "feelings" about it. What is also odd is the simulation shows that using FT on the mace should be marginally better than WF. I might try this, but applying WF on both weapons is very quick and easy, whereas I find doing WF on one and FT on the other a right faff. Me not like faffing.

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