Wednesday, 3 December 2008

You were doing what? Where?

Although Kam should have been mercilessly grinding to 80 in preparation for the crazed hardcore raiding season, instead he chose to spend last night unlocking a nice rep grind. Must be Sons for the shoulder inscriptions right? No? Maybe Knights of the Ebon Blade for the head enchant? No. Instead in a group consisting of a feral druid and elemental shaman, plus mage and paladin for the 5 man bit, Kam finally unlocked his Ogri'la dailies.

But why? Apart from the 19k XP each quest gave, there is the small matter of the Fa-la-la-la-Ogri'la achievement, which requires the Ogri'la stuff to be unlocked. Kam also has the winter boots and chest made, so all that is needed for the Winter's Veil achievement is probably to get to a decent level so Kam can get the hat. Last year these hats dropped in level 70 instances, so extrapolating they will drop in level 80 instances, which may require Kam to be close to 80. Which he isn't currently.

Finally my hunter got a proper portal to dalaran from Mr Ganymede, so when I can get on, I can do 2 lots of cooking dailies. One for the awards to buy recipes, the other I use the award to buy spices.

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