Monday, 8 December 2008

Train new spells? Let's read books instead

Kam finally dinged 74 on Saturday after a good questing run. Unfortunately he's not been to Orgrimmar to learn whatever new stuff has become available - will it be a new Totem, or maybe a new rank of Water Breathing? Oooo! Thus far the selection from the trainer has been utterly underwhelming.

While faffing around Dalaran doing the cooking daily, Kam spotted the tome of The Schools of Arcane Magic - Abjuration lying on the floor of the Dalaran Visitor Center. Being the good citizen he is, he announced this on the Dalaran General chat channel, then wandered off to hand in the daily. Never has the Visitor Center had so many visitors.

If you spot a book, by all means read it, but please announce it on general too. The books only stay for 3 minutes after being read and any number of people can read them. Now Kam is 1/8 of the way towards the Higher Learning achievement, and hopefully some other players are closer to their goals too.

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