Thursday, 18 December 2008

Me like long hard trips

Yakra over at Mirror Shield has a post up about What a Long, Strange, (Hard) Trip It Will Be to complete all of the seasonal achievements, with his thoughts on the difficulty of each achievement.

Kam too is on this utterly insane grind, trying to get each one done as it appears, or, in the case of Brewfest, getting as much done as possible. My take on it is:

  • Merrymaker. Agreed this is quite easy, however there are complications for the Horde. The first is that to mistletoe Brother Keltan, you need to be level 77, or try some crazy tactics. Secondly With a Little Helper from My Friends is tricky; AblazeTheMage reports that basically AV is full of gnomes trying to hide behind each other, so I reckon by waiting till the end of Winter Veil there may be less people trying for it... people to hide behind.

    Also Wintergrasp looks like a good idea; Horde get a tenacity buff so our gnomes are hard to kill, and Shaman can hearth back to Dalaran every 15 minutes, get re-gnomed, then take the portal back. Finally the hat is a 100% drop off the Magus in Nexus - we farmed it on Tuesday by resetting the instance 5 times, so everyone got one.

    I think this is manageable in the time given.

  • To Honor One's Elders. The dungeons which need to be visited to talk to the Elders is the problem with this one. However, I have a cunning plan...

    Which is to reuse someone else's completed heroic instance, which should be clear of trash, and wander in there to talk to the Elder. In our guild a lot of heroics are run every night, so chances are someone will have done one or several of the instances on the list.

    I think this one is also manageable in the 3 weeks it runs.

  • For The Children. The PvP element of this event should be ok to do, where you need HKs of players with their orphans out, and to capture various BG objectives with your orphan out. Again hopefully later on in the event there will be less people around competing for captures... which means two runs, one early on to get HKs on players with orphans, then late in the event to grab BG objectives with your orphan out. However a lot of BG grinding will be required for this.

    Daily Chores will be impossible if you cannot login once per day for a few minutes, and the event only lasts for one week.

    This one is tricky; its only 1 week so is quite likely to be impossible for Kam to get all the achievements, unless he gets really lucky in a BG.

  • Brewfest. Kam got his mount last year, and is drinking the monthly ales, so basically he needs to grind more tickets to get the set of brewfest clothes next October. If you didn't get into the club and a got a piece of brewfest clothing in 2008, next year it will be a pain because you have a whole load of tickets to grind, and will have to wait another year to drink all the ales.

    This one is definitely achievable in 2009 for Kam.

  • Fool For Love. Personally I'm dreading this one the most, the tactic Warcraft Pets has to grind for Peddlefeet will not work after patch 3.0.8, so unless Blizzard up the drop rate, this achievement will be extremely hard to obtain. There is hope, because during Hallows End they added the Squashling and headpiece required to the trick-or-treat drops, so Kam was able to get them just by trick or treating a lot. I hope they up the rate of Peddlefeet drops from the gifts.

    This event will also need a hell of a lot of Gifts Of Adoration for the peddlefeet, love candy, rose petals, picnic basket, silver arrows, etc. Mmm the grind. This event is more troublesome because it only usually lasts a week.

    I don't think Kam will manage this achievement in 2009 due to the short length of the event and the sheer amount of hourly things once needs to do to grab all the various items required.

In conclusion, it's best not to look ahead at these seasonal achievements too much, otherwise it may depress you. Best concentrate on the current or upcoming one and take them one at a time ;)

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