Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Loot drama, across the universe...

Only rolling onward, because we can't find reverse!

In a recent, not-guild planned raid, one of the Warlocks won 3 out of 4 cloth caster epics, and was apparently close to winning the 4th. Now this seems to be cause for complaint, with all manner of odd and wonderful loot systems being proposed to "rectify" this error.

So what are the sides to this story? Generally we hope people are sensible when it comes to loot, and that they are not really just here for the whoring. Why a sensible person might be magnanimous and actually not roll for their 4th epic of the night, and give someone else a chance. They might consider that by taking all the items themselves they a) have a big-ass enchanting/gemming bill all of a sudden and b) the raid is only getting stronger when they attend a raid, which may not be on every run.

The other side is of course why the complaint? By virtue of the Warlock getting 3 upgrades, they won't be rolling on those items again or equivalent ones, so others will get their chance next time. Is it really that bad to have to wait a few weeks for some phat epics, that we need to moan and complain about it? We are not a progression guild, and from what I've read, the raids in the game are just plain easy, so until patch 3.1 brings an actually hard raid encounter, the epics are just fairy dust on the cake.

Hopefully some sensibleness on the part of the rollers and those who loose the rolls will prevail.

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Hagu said...

I guess I don't understand this. If you have a 1 out of 5 chance of winning, then about once every 625 times you will win 4 of 4 and 256 times you will win zero. That's gambling and random number generators.

If you want to have a loot council or DKP, fine. It seems like everyone should roll and the RNG will be what it does. But many people do not feel this way ( the mathmatically challenged perhaps ? )

If you want to say one on-spec epic per run, that is ok but have the rule in advance. Otherwise, roll and GL!

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