Sunday, 21 December 2008

Winter Veil Work complete (almost)

Kam the achieving Shaman has now finished all of the Winter Veil achievements with the exception of Crashin' & Thrashin', because like all good boys he has to wait until christmas day to open his presents.

With a Little Helper from My Friends was in the end pretty easy. The horde were attacking Lake Wintergrasp, so when the game started, Kam got gnomed up and hopped through the portal to Wintergrasp. He then jumped into someone's vehicle, which proceeded to run over around a hundred Alliance defenders - result! If you loose the gnome buff (due to deathage) then you can hearth back to Dalaran, grab another costume and portal to Wintergrasp again.

Let It Snow was ok, however Blizzard's choice for the Draenei was a little annoying. What's the number one most popular Draenei class from what I see in Dalaran... is it Priest like the achievement needs? Or maybe some sort of class the Alliance couldn't play until TBC and can only play as Draenei, like Shaman? Hmm I wonder. Luckily I spotted a Draenei Priest in the bank and snowflaked he was.

Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho's required a fair amount of work. Not from flying around, no. Not from spotting the Bro's we needed to mistletoe, no. No. It was the need to get to level 77 which was the work. Once dinged, Cold Weather Flying was a merely large amount of gold away and a quest was right there at Krasus Landing which took Kam to the airship where the final slippery Brother Keltan was. On the plus side, Kam can now fly. Woot!

See you under the Winter Veil tree on the 25th!

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Artorin said...

Hehe my priest is dreanei. For us alliance folk it seems to be the elusive Belf lock and troll hunter

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