Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Almost there...

Riding around Azeroth on a land mount to visit Elders is not fun. Flying is way better. So when I say that I'm almost there, I mean Kam has done the really grindy part of the Elder achievement where he has ridden around most of the flippin' zones on a slow-poke land mount and hit the few low level instances.

Next up is the comparative joy of flying around Northrend and hitting some Wrath instances!

A special thanks to all the Alliance who stood around and watched Kam talk to the Elder in Ironforge, then kindly allowed him to hearthstone out. We weren't trying to cause any trouble, honestly.


Crashandburn said...

They were nicer than the Alliance in Stormwind who were determined to stop any Horde talking to the elder there.

Game Dame said...

and the ones in Darnassus. I mean, who really gives a flip? I wouldn't kill any Alli who tried it. As I've said, many times, I hate PvP.

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