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Elders of the Northrend Dungeons vague walkthrough

Why do they hang out in dungeons? Why don't the inhabitants spot them and kick them back to Moonglade? Anyway, last night Kam hit some instances in the Elder Brethren Elder Grinding Group to try to finish Elders of the Dungeons.

Stealing from our guild forums (credit to AblazeTheMage for this stuff), with some refinements from last night, here is the Northrend list in the order we did it:

  • Elder Yurauk in Halls of Stone (Storm Peaks) - halfway through Krystallus' room.

    Zone in, go straight forward down the corridor, in the 1st round room, go up the right hand stairs. Then cut the corner turning right into the tiny shardling wing, go forward and the Elder is before Krystallus.

    Time: one of the quickest, 0 bosses needed.

  • Elder Ohanzee in Gundrak (Zul'Drak) - in Eck's room.

    Gundrak needs to be on heroic. Go in via entrance furthest from the meeting stone, down the stairs and clear the trash in the first room. Engage the Mammoth boss and kill him. A secret passage will open up (the boss starts off looking right toward it). Go through the passage, clear the trash to Eck's room. You don't need to kill Eck, you can sneak round to the right in Eck's room and talk to the Elder without engaging him.

    Time: fairly quick, 1 heroic boss to kill.

  • Elder Kilias in Drak'theron Keep (Zul'Drak) - just before King Dred

    Drak'tharon is quite linear so just go through it, take down the 1st and 2nd bosses, fight through to King Dred's pen. The Elder is just inside his pen so you may need to kill 1 dinosaur and watch out for Dred patrolling into range.

    Time: reasonable, 2 bosses to kill.

  • Elder Chogan'gada in Utgarde Pinnacle (Howling Fjord) - just after Skadi.

    Fight to the 1st boss and kill her. Fight onward but don't activate the boss in the room with the frozen animals, you can skip that fight. Fight to Skaldi. Defeat Skaldi in the gauntlet fight, then continue onward down the broken stairs and the Elder is right at the bottom of the stairs, underneath them.

    Time: depends on the gauntlet, reasonable, 2 bosses to kill.

  • Elder Jarten in Utgarde Keep (Howling Fjord) - in the second room after the first boss.

    Fight to the first iceblock boss, kill him, then fight up the mining tunnels to the first room with a staircase. The Elder is on the left up some stairs which lead to a dead end.

    Time: quick, this is a level 70 instance. 1 boss to kill.

  • Elder Nurgen in Azjol'Nerub (Dragonblight) - in the puddle room you drop into after Hadronox.

    Azjol is linear so follow the instance, kill the 1st boss then zerg the Hadranox encounter, kill Hadranox and drop down the huge drop which ends in the water pool. The Elder is stood by the pool. Don't cast Water Walking on anyone before they jump, they won't thank you for it. Mwuhahaha!

    Once you fall down you are stuck in the instance, so hearthstone out here (or ghetto hearth if yours is on cooldown).

    Time: average, 2 bosses to clear. Plus you have to wait for Hadranox to come up before you can kill him. We got bored and went down to get him, dealing with the hundreds of adds as we went.

  • Elder Igasho in Nexus (Borean Tundra) - just before the tree boss.

    Enter The Nexus, turn right and enter the area with the respawning mini-treelings. Work round to the tree boss. The Elder is just before the boss so can be talked to without engaging the boss.

    Time: quick, no bosses.

You can of course swap UK and UP if you wish, or do them in reverse. We managed the lot in 2 and a half hours. Good luck!

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LockeDown said...

Awesome guide! Made this much easier to solo on my own! PS - In Gundrak you can skip the 1st boss by jumping past him off the ledge in front of him.

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