Saturday, 31 January 2009

Finally, a use for Sentry Totem!

When one is hanging around Dalaran for books for Higher Learning and you only have 2 or 3 books left, the Sentry Totem comes into its own! Dropping it in front of a book spawn location leaves our searching Shaman free to sit next another one, or run between 2 locations instead of 3. Once you find "trash" books at a few locations, the number which need checking rapidly diminish and the good old Sentry Totem will let you AFK next to one spawn point and monitor another one, running between the two every 5 minutes when Sentry expires.

This is the only use I've found for Sentry Totem thus far, and now I wish it lasted more than 5 minutes.


Salanthe said...

BRILLIANT. I'm totally going to do this now.

Anonymous said...

i have to agree... next time i am standing around Dalaran looking for group -- i will be doing this!

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