Friday, 23 January 2009

Nowhere close to being a Chef

With patch 3.0.8 come the opportunity to get the Hail to the Chef achievement. Most of the sub-achievements are ok to do, with the exception of The Northrend Gourmet.

The Northrend Gourmet requires you to cook 45 Northrend recipes, for which you need to learn all 45 (of course). 25 of these must be purchased for 3 Dalaran Cooking Awards each, obtained by doing the Dalaran cooking dailies. Thus you will need to do 75 cooking dailies maximum for all these recipes. I say maximum because sometimes you get a bonus Dalaran Cooking Award, and Mustard Dogs! gives 2 awards. So doing the dailies to get the required tokens is quite a feat.

However, one of the Northrend recipes required is Fish Feast which requires cooking 450 to make. Cooking 450 is difficult to get and generally needs you to cook a lot of Small or Great feasts which in themselves aren't that useful. Think grind.

So the Chef title is definitely given to dedicated cooks and I salute those who have got it (grats Sephrenia). Kam is at cooking 434 and currently I don't have the will to grind up to 450, so for now the Chef title is on hold. I just hope that the raid-buff food he cooks will continue to give skill points and he'll get to 450 eventually.

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Sephrenia said...

Thanks for the grats :D

Keep going - you'll get there! I just couldn't resist being "Chef Seph" - sounds so good.

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