Thursday, 8 January 2009

Heroically going forth to find bugs

Tuesday night was the first Lich King heroic Kam had attempted, luckily it was Drak'Tharon Keep so he could do the two quests he had for it.

Currently Kam is specced as Enhancement and, because there are quite a few healers in the guild, will be staying that way until the dual spec thing comes in, when I can reacquaint myself with the healing ways. Of course that means there is much healing gear to be collected through quests until then. But anyways...

The run went fairly well. Given my inexperience with melee DPS in groups, Kam managed to die on Novos the Summoner, but still got the achievement for killing it. Many deaths were had on the void circles at the beginning too. Maybe I need to turn down the scrolling combat text so some of the actual floor is visible over the spam?

On the final boss I managed to taunt the boss off the tank while transformed, so Kam was soundly flattened, and was dead when the boss died. Not released mind, just lying there enjoying the fight. But when The Prophet Tharon'ja died, Kam didn't get the achievement for killing it, so didn't get Heroic: Drak'Tharon Keep or the normal one. Ouch. Apparently this has happened before for other guildies, but I raised a ticket anyway in hope. Unfortunately it seems GMs can't fiddle with achievements, so they suggested I redo the kill and I should get the achievement. Helpful.

Kam also got to hex things on this run, which was great fun. I almost felt like a mage, what with the turning mobs into critters, having to get in range for the pull, and shouting out when the mob became unhexed. Unfortunately with the 45 second cooldown, once the mob is out it cannot be rehexed immediately, so it's more a fire-and-forget type spell.

Finally I'd like to curse Drakuru for leading Kam astray and make a promise that Kam will be back to get him in Zul'Drak.


Anonymous said...

welcome to the dark side my friend

Lamon Enhance Shaman Chromaggus

Kassi said...

I had exactly the same bug happen to me, I died and didn't get credit for Tharon'ja. It was disappointing because he's the last guy I need to be a Northrend Dungeon Hero :(

I didn't taunt him once during the fight, but made liberal use of the other abilities. I think next time I go I will go and hide behind one of the ranged dps ;)

Rakhman said...

I've chalked it up to experience. I may not get Northrend Dungeon Hero any time soon, although it would be cool, but I guess Draktharon will be the last credit I get now, unless somehow Kam finds himself in there again on a random run.

I wish they would fix these bugs tho, or the GMs could adjust the achievements if I had proof I killed Tharon'ja. I don't... but if I did...

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