Sunday, 25 January 2009

The Oracles: easiest rep grind ever?

During the madness of the Lunar Festival grind, Kam has been keeping an eye on the Oracles dailies with the intention of completing Savior of the Oracles. Despite only doing a few days worth of dailies Kam currently stands at honoured 9600/12000, so a few more runs and Kam will be revered. WoWWiki estimates 8 days to revered from unlocking the faction grind.

If your aim is the Oracle Talisman of Ablution then this grind is still something, but if all you're after is pets (like me), getting to Revered seems very easy. Plus most of the quests are quite interesting, featuring vehicles or becoming very powerful and smashing puppy men into the ground.

So currently The Oracles gets Kam's award for Easiest Rep Grind Ever. The Kalu'ak was far more grindy. Oh, and the saviour achievement is also a nice bonus along the way.

Image from WoWWiki.

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kyrilean said...

I think Kalu'ak was more grindy only because they were so far apart. At least the Oracle dailies are in one zone.

But I agree, way easier than some of the others in the past and in Northrend.

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