Sunday, 18 January 2009

Soloed: A Hero's Burden

In order to do dailies for The Oracles faction, one must complete a long and fun quest chain for both Frenzyheart and The Oracles, cumulating in A Hero's Burden. This group quest requires you to kill an elite Lich who will summon two adds at 30%, the twist being that one is a Frenzyheart and one an Oracle - the one you don't kill will help you with the Lich and then offer a quest to become aligned with their faction.

So lacking a group Kam tried it alone. The Lich does frost bolts, so a frost resistance totem was the first order of business. He is also elite, so the Earth Elemental seemed a good idea. I saved the wolves for when the adds came, they could offtank one in a pinch I thought.

A bad pull was the first mistake. Usually happy to run across half the zone to aggro something, this time Earl the Earth Elemental sat still and refused to engage. Sigh. So desperately trying to kill the Lich, I summoned the wolves to help with some heals. Finally I kited the lich onto Earl and some tankage happened. The lich was annoyingly immune to Earthshock - it wouldn't interrupt his frostbolts at all. In hindsight I should have used Grounding Totem to absorb some of those bolts. He also had a habit of freezing Kam to the ground and backing off out of melee range, but this was a great opportunity to self-heal.

The Earth Elemental lasted until the Lich was at 30%, then he died. No problem. At 30% mr undead turns into an Ice Cube Of Shame* (tm) and summons the aforementioned adds. Now I'd used the wolves already, so a Fire Elemental was called to deal with the gurloc while Kam went to kill off the puppy. In hindsight maybe I should have used Hex on the gurloc... hindsight is a wonderful thing really. Anyhow the fire elemental doesn't do enough damage to kill the gurloc, so he is an adequate off-tank for this bit. The puppy is a ranged type so keeps on running off to get range, which is quite annoying for a melee DPS type like Kam, but eventually he was nuked down and killed.

Finally the gurloc add became friendly, mr Lich came out of his Ice Cube Of Shame and Kam tanked him. Well ok, frantically kept himself alive with LHW while the friendly gurloc DPSed the Lich down. Hurrah! The Lich was killed and the quest was soloed. Kam is now honoured with The Oracles and can get to grinding to Revered for the egg.

* The Ice Cube Of Shame is thus called because, in Karazhan runs of old, you could tell which Mage had overthreated and pulled aggro because they would suddenly become an Ice Cube. It's really obvious guys, you ain't foolin' no one.

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